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Excellent substitute for fresh truffles

When in Florence recently we had dinner in a pasta restaurant where they cooked pasta in a Parmesan wheel with brandy, cream, truffle oil and shaved fresh truffle on the top. It was the best thing we ate in Europe in 6 weeks. I wanted to try to recreate this at home, and while probably not identical, it still tasted amazing at home using these preserved truffles.

Jason Muller

Excellent product, excellent service

Wishing your business every success. You deserve it.

John Reid

Arrived today

Just arrived this morning, thanks 

Lee Durrant

second order

This is our second order now, looking forward to cooking with it this week. Arrived start of week.

Natasha T

Package arrived today

Looks very impressive. It’s to be part of my wife’s birthday present on 22 December - I think she’ll be totally impressed. Thank you

Don Lavery