Black Truffle Sauce 90gr

Black Truffle Sauce 90gr

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  • 100% organic, wild European truffle!
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Black truffle sauce: A gourmet condiment crafted with real black truffles.

Our black truffle contains the Tuber Aestivum variant. Perfect for elevating any dish with its rich, earthy aroma and intense flavor. Here's what makes this sauce special:

Authentic Truffle Flavor: Each jar boasts a significant portion of a whole black truffle (corresponding to an average size of 13 grams), ensuring a genuine taste experience. You won't find any artificial flavorings or substitutes here – just the true essence of black truffles.

Crafted with Quality: The truffles are expertly infused with high-quality extra virgin olive oil and a touch of vegetable oil. This allows the truffle aroma and flavor to mature and fully bloom, resulting in a luxurious sauce that complements, not overpowers, the natural flavors of your dish.

Effortless Gourmet Touch: Ditch the chopping and shaving! This convenient 90-gram jar allows you to easily add a touch of truffle magic to your meals.

Unleash Your Inner Culinary Artist: Pure Wild's Black Truffle Sauce is incredibly versatile. Here are just a few ways to transform your dishes:

  • Pasta Perfected: Elevate your pasta dishes like fettuccine or cacio e pepe by stirring in a spoonful of the sauce for a rich and earthy depth of flavor.
  • Risotto Reimagined: Transform your risotto from ordinary to extraordinary. A touch of truffle sauce adds a luxurious layer of flavor to both classic parmesan or more adventurous truffle and mushroom variations.
  • Beyond Pasta and Rice: The magic doesn't stop there! Drizzle the sauce over roasted vegetables for an unexpected, delightful twist. It also adds a touch of sophistication to mashed potatoes, transforming them into a luxurious accompaniment.
  • The Unexpected Delight: Feeling adventurous? Drizzle Pure Wild's Black Truffle Sauce over freshly popped popcorn for a gourmet snack that will surprise and delight your guests.

What makes our truffle sauce different?

  • Real Black Truffles: Experience the authentic taste and aroma of black truffles.
  • Versatile Ingredient: Elevate pastas, risottos, mashed potatoes, vegetables, popcorn, and more!
  • Convenient and Ready to Use: No chopping or shaving fresh truffles required. Simply add a spoonful for an instant flavor boost.
  • Premium Ingredients: Made with high-quality extra virgin olive oil and real black truffles.

Pure Wild's Black Truffle Sauce is your key to unlocking a world of culinary possibilities. Order your jar today and elevate your everyday meals into unforgettable experiences.

What's in our truffle sauce?

  • Product ingredients: 0.42 of one full black truffle*, 60% mushrooms, 30% extra virgin olive and vegetable oil & salt.
  • Product size: 90 Grams

*The above number corresponds to the truffle size of 13 grams (our average truffle size). .

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