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White Truffles

Explore our range of wild white truffles. Hunted in the European forests, these treasures are sure to impress.
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White Truffle

Did you know the first white truffle found found in Australia was in 2015?

White truffles are one of the most luxurious and natural growing foods in the world. Not many climates can produce high quality harvesting conditions for the white truffle to thrive, including Australia.

Serbia is the world's largest producer of wild forest truffles, The climate of Europe provides these magnificent fungi with the ideal conditions in which it can thrive in the months of October through to November.

The prized mushroom is normally found in regions which are damp yet sunny. and are among their favorite tree's such as hazelnut and oak. These are the prime conditions for the white truffle to flourish.

The white truffle is often used as a garnish in popular dishes such as pasta, eggs and rice dishes. It is classed as a high-end delicacy and you can expect to pay a premium for this quality produce.