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Truffle Sauce

Truffle sauce is a luxurious and flavorful addition to any meal, made by blending finely chopped truffles with rich cream, butter, and savory seasonings.

When it comes to truffle sauce, the opportunities are endless. Truffle sauce is a great way to maximise on flavour making sure that your meals always pack a punch can elevate the simplest of dishes from a creamy risotto to a rich mushroom spaghetti.
What is so incredibly distinctive about truffle sauce? For one, the unmistakable fragrant aroma is unmatched and cannot be replicated in any other ingredient or dish. Another unique property of truffle sauce is that you will only need just a little bit to elevate your dish as the truffle sauce is made using whole, pure organic truffles. The mesmerising earthiness of the truffle condiment makes for a lovely addition to any meal. 

Wondering how you can incorporate truffle sauce into your favourite dishes? If you’re on the go, our truffle sauce can be added to a decadent toasted sandwich as it pairs perfectly with a blend of cheeses and cured meats. If you are having guests over and would like to impress them with an unforgettable dinner, then we would recommend a fabulous beef tenderloin with a creamy mushroom and truffle sauce. Whether you are on the go, cooking for loved ones, or curating a serving platter to share with family, truffle sauce is always a good idea. 

Even though truffle sauce can be used alone as an addition to any meal, it can also be used in conjunction with other sauces and condiments. Truffle sauce can be added to aioli as a beautiful dip for wedges, or even into a creamy sauce over freshly grilled scallops. Truffle sauce can also be used as a marinade for vegetables before they hit the grill- this will release a wonderful charred and earthy aroma profile. 

This product is for those that love a quick and versatile way to amplify their dishes as the truffle sauce can easily be added to any meal of your choice. Truffle sauce is not only a convenient option, it is also a healthy alternative to many sauces on the market. Our black truffle sauce is rich in antioxidants, including essential vitamins and minerals that will fight toxins within the body. Our product also contains anti-ageing properties and fights inflammation. We believe that our products will make you look good and feel good! A true indulgence that preserves your wellbeing and overall health.  

As a rare fungus that grows seasonally in the ground, our truffles are sure to create an explosion of flavour in your mouth. If you’re wondering if you can use it beyond just pouring it onto everything, be rest assured. Our black truffle sauce can also be combined with creamy mash potatoes or pureed turnip - two wonderful sides that will have your guests asking for seconds.