Black Truffle Salt 125gr

Black Truffle Salt 125gr

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What is Truffle Salt?

Our black truffle salt is a seasoning that combines the amazing taste of black truffles with ordinary sea salt. 

Pure Wild's truffle salt has been infused with our very own fresh black truffles. This condiment has the ability to level up your meals.

What is Truffle Salt Used For?

Truffle salt is like a flavor magician! You can use it in so many cool ways to make your food taste even better. Check out these awesome ideas:

  1. Upgrading Roasted Veggies: Sprinkle a little black truffle salt over roasted vegetables like potatoes, carrots, or parsnips. It adds a touch of luxury and makes them taste out of this world!

  2. Seasoning Meat Magic: Before you grill or pan-fry your steaks or chops, give them a sprinkle of truffle salt. It's like a secret ingredient that adds an amazing truffle flavor to your meaty masterpieces.

  3. Boosting Pasta and Soups: Feeling like your pasta or soup needs an extra flavor boost? Try adding some truffle salt. It turns a regular dish into a gourmet sensation, trust me!

  4. Breakfast Luxury: Want to make your breakfast super special? Mix a bit of black truffle salt into your scrambled eggs or omelettes. It's like having breakfast at a fancy restaurant!

  5. Fancy Cocktails: Feeling adventurous? Use truffle salt to rim the glass of your favorite cocktail. It gives your drink a unique truffle twist and makes you feel like a true connoisseur.

What Does Truffle Salt Taste Like?

Let's talk about the taste of truffle salt. It's a flavor explosion! The combination of black truffles and sea salt creates a rich, savory, and slightly nutty taste. It's like taking a bite of something extraordinary. And the smell? It's so enticing, like a sneak peek into a world of gourmet wonders.

So, why not add some excitement to your meals with black truffle salt? It's the must-have ingredient that food enthusiasts everywhere are going crazy for.

What Makes Your Truffle Salt The Best Truffle Salt In Australia?

Our truffle salt is amongst the best in Australia. We do not source low quality products and we have strived to capture the upper end of the market providing premium truffle products to our customers through out Australia. With all our truffle products, you only need to use the smallest amount to get the desired taste you desire. Our products last twice as long than other lower tier sea salt's. Try out truffle salt today and see why we are confident in labeling our product as the best truffle salt on the Australian market today.

What's In Our Black Truffle Sea Salt.

  • Product ingredients: 0.19* black truffle* & sea salt.
  • Product size: 125 Grams

(*The above number corresponds to the truffle size of 13 grams, which is our average truffle size.)

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